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Do you want to make extra money? Have you ever thought about becoming a B&B Partner? Do you have extra rooms or a property (in Hawaii) that you would like to rent out to guests? We could help you with that! Join our team and not only will we show you how to turn your unused property into extra cash every month, but we will post your listing here on our website as well! And on top of all that, we won't charge you a dime to get started!

So how does it work? We don't make money unless you make money! Other Bed & Breakfast companies will not only charge you to set up your home as a B&B Location, but will keep at least 25% of your earnings for every guest. That's 1/4 of your potential earnings! Here at Sleep in Hawaii, not only do we get you started for no additional FEES, but we only keep 20% of your profits as well! Talk about a deal!

Are you a Landlord? Do you currently rent out your home to tenants? Think twice! If you want to preserve your hard earned investment, we could help you earn just as much, if not more money - with less monthly maintenance! Think about how often your tenants are inside the house... Now think about how often B&B customers would be "at home" - if we caught your attention, reach out to us below!

Are you a Homeowner or Home Renter and having trouble with your monthly/ mortgage payments? Let us help! We're interested in taking over your payments and setting you FREE! On top of that, after we turn your property into a B&B, we'll kick you back up to 20% of the earnings! Want more Details? Reach out to us below!

Have any questions? Want to get started right away? Fill out the form below, leave your contact information, and we will be in touch soon. We look forward to hearing from you! Mahalo Nui Loa!